The Human Resource was established to empower individual freelancers through the creation of a global community of change makers in their own right. 

Don’t deny us your contributions. Don’t deprive us of the adventure of exploring your complex depths, or the accomplishment of unravelling a story unique to you.

We source the work for you and manage client relations so that you can focus on what you do best!

Life begins in the mystery of hidden places, but it strives eternally to be transformed by the light of the world.

The Human Resource curate teams of talent to cater to our client’s needs and deliver top quality work with effective results. 

Your creation will be imperfect, as you are imperfect, as we are all imperfect. And from our imperfections, the power of the unpredictable and the beauty of the unknown will arise. Opportunities to grow will arise.

The Human Resource
Planet Earth
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Service to agents

As an independent sales agent , your key motive will be to introduce THR services to potential clients in theexternal market and ultimately start your own venture – with this THE HUMAN RESOURCE team will offer youEXTRA support, flexibility and income opportunities .

What we offer


To give you the best start possible


Portfolio of our work curated by our team


You Can curate your own service offerings out of our list of work


Have access to our CRM


Unique to you


Unique to you


Dedicated to you


All contracts, NDAS, SLAS


For Up-skilling