The Human Resource was established to empower individual freelancers through the creation of a global community of change makers in their own right. We aim to enable and empower our gurus to work from anywhere in the world without the stress, hassle and time consumption of the ‘forever search’ of job boards. We source the work for you and manage client relations so that you can focus on what you do best! The Human Resource curate teams of talent to cater to our client’s needs and deliver top quality work with effective results. 


Become part of our global community!



Through our 3 step process, we source work and manage client communication so you can focus on what you do best, creating amazing work. 


Submit your credentials in the form provided, this enables us to evaluate your awesome work and gauge how best we can collaborate together.


We curate our team of superb talent through a selection and vetting process based on your expertise and experience.


Once you are through our selection and vetting process you are added to our database, where your expertise will be offered to the best suited jobs available globally.


As a contributing member of our community, you will gain access to the following benefits:

Work in your own time

We source the work for you! You then are able to accept or decline work depending on budget, availability, client and team.

Do what you do best

We manage all client communications! This enables you to focus on your primary expertise and perform to your utmost potential.

Freelancer support

For your protection and peace of mind, we endeavor to enforce the service agreements issued to our clients.


Receive discounted rates on marketing and creative services, laptop repairs, hot desks, legal representation, tax advice and more.

Remote working

Enjoy a flexible work life by accepting jobs that enable you to work from anywhere.

Access to other skills

Collaborate and engage with more freelancers in our community.